CALL US TODAY: (407) 476-4331
CALL US TODAY: (407) 476-4331

What We Do

The Clinic is staffed by experienced bankruptcy attorney volunteers and offers free, on-site information and guidance to individuals who are representing themselves in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The lawyer volunteers at the Clinic can help the pro se litigant understand the bankruptcy process and provide limited case-specific advice, but they cannot represent the litigant in court or file pleadings.

What We Do

  • The volunteers at the Clinic provide limited legal advice and information on bankruptcy issues in the Middle District of Florida, including, but not limited to: (i) filing proofs of claims; (ii) petitions and schedule preparations; (iii) the reaffirmation process; (iv) individual exemptions; and (v) other bankruptcy topics.
  • We assist individuals in preparing court documents.
  • We provide referrals and other resource information.
  • We assist with the development and training of new and young bankruptcy attorneys by providing them with cost-free bankruptcy primer education and valuable one-on-one experiences with prospective clients.

What We Do Not Do

  • The Clinic volunteers do not give advice on criminal legal issues, state court cases or any other non-bankruptcy related issues.
  • We do not complete forms on behalf of any debtor or creditor.
  • We do not provide representation in court and will not represent any pro se litigant as their attorney.
  • We do not file pleadings on behalf of any pro se litigant.
  • We do not give advice over the telephone or via email.
  • We do not get paid for work done at the Clinic.